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In synthetic resin, PMMA has excellent high transparency, weather resistance, and excellent gloss. It is often used as a substitute for glass, and can be divided into general grade, optical grade, high temperature resistance grade, extrusion grade and special grade. PMMA is widely used in household products, cosmetic jars, decorations, dashboard, car rearlights, billboards, sound insulation sheets, optical components for LCDs, optical lenses, and products with high chemical resistance requirements.

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MMA is an organic compound and colorless volatile liquid. It is easy to polymerize in the environment of light, heat, ionizing radiation and catalyst. MMA is mainly used as a raw material for PMMA, and also can be used to make transparent resins, sheet, paints, acrylic casting boards, aquarium sinks, adhesives, paints, additives, TV optical components, etc.

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